Large Items

Any item too large to fit in a city dumpster should be taken to the landfill. 


Fee Schedule

No money is received at the landfill. Please pre-purchase a landfill voucher at the Raton Water Works office.
Waste Products
Residents Non-Residents
Tree limbs, trees, and wood products suitable for grinding Free
$5 per ton
Residential waste, non-construction, non-demolition less than one ton Free N/A
Sanitation waste $25 per ton
$30 per ton
All other waste
$25 per ton
$30 per ton
Tires (up to 4) Free N/A
Tires (after 4) $1 per tire N/A
Tires (Raton commercial dealers) $25 per ton
Tires (commercial dealers city pick-up) $100 per ton
Tires (Non-Resident) N/A $100 per ton
White goods without freon $10 per item
$10 per item
White goods with freon $20 per item
$20 per item
White goods City Pick-Up $50 per item
$50 per item
Grease (must be delivered to Soil Farm on Hereford Ave. $25 per load

Non-local commercial haulers
N/A $50 per ton
Note: Commercial haulers outside the city limits must have prior written approval from the City of Raton before being allowed to dump at the landfill.