1. City Manager

    Look up information about the city manager.

  2. City Attorney

    View information about the City Attorney.

  3. City Clerk's Office

    Read about the position of City Clerk / Treasurer.

  4. Airport

    Access information about the airport.

  5. Code Enforcement

    Read about the Code Enforcement Department.

  6. Emergency Management

    Learn about the goals of the Emergency Management Office.

  7. Fire

    Read about the Raton Fire Department.

  8. Library

    Take a gander at the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library.

  9. Municipal Court

    Look at the information available about the Municipal Court.

  10. Parks & Recreation

    Find out information about the Parks and Recreation Department.

  11. Planning & Zoning

    Check out information about the Planning and Zoning Department.

  12. Police

    Learn about the Police Department.

  13. Public Service

    Peruse information available about the Public Service Department

  14. Public Works

    Access information about the Public Works Department.

  15. Water Works

    Communicate problems, set up, and pay for your water utility service.